2013 County Election

Result for Basingstoke South West (Basingstoke and Deane District)

Winning Party Conservative Party Conservative Party Logo
Electorate 13484
Total Votes Cast 3836
Turnout % 28.45%
Previous Turnout % 35.07%

Candidate NamePartyVotesPercentageShare of Votes
Burgess, RitaConservative Party 188249.06%|
Heath, PhilipUK Independence Party112729.38%|
Frankum, PaulLabour Party50813.24%|
Hussey, MadelineLiberal Democrats3198.32%|

Previous Results

Candidate NameWinning PartyElection
Burgess, RitaConservative Party County Election 2009
Heath, PhilipConservative Party County Election 2005