Hampshire County Council County Elections

2013 County Election

Result for Eastleigh West (Eastleigh District)

Winning Party UK Independence Party UKIP Party Logo
Electorate 15198
Total Votes Cast 4533
Turnout % 29.83%
Previous Turnout % 32.26%

Candidate NamePartyVotesPercentageShare of Votes
Greenwood, ChrisUK Independence Party160435.38%|
Broadhurst, AlanLiberal Democrats153333.82%|
Milligan, AndyConservative Party 65914.54%|
Penders, JamesLabour Party57912.77%|
Jebbitt, StuartGreen Party1072.36%|
Hog, HoppingThe Official Monster Raving Loony Party 290.64%|
Waterman, AniaTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 220.49%|

Previous Results

Candidate NameWinning PartyElection
Broadhurst, AlanLiberal DemocratsCounty Election 2009
Broadhurst, AlanLiberal DemocratsCounty Election 2005